Michael Scott Defends Himself Against Domestic Abuse Accusation

You might remember Michael Scott as the former NBC Channel anchor whose crotch was attacked by a gecko in 2002. I remember him as the eight-toed guy I got a pedicure with. The people of Omaha, Nebraska, might remember him as the guy who was accused of choking his girlfriend, hitting her in the eye, ripping off two of her fake “bimbo nails,” and threatening to kill her. He’s on trial right now.

Anyway, it’s pretty obvious that I posted this item just so I could put up the video of the gecko attack. And so that I could also offer you what I believe is the only extant copy of the unbleeped video, which I’ve saved for more than a decade. Enjoy.


  • RAB

    Still funny, no matter how many times I watch it.

  • Andrew Plock

    No lie. I had a film class with the gecko handler. It is his claim to fame for life.