Leading Off (3/18/13)

Cruz In Control: Say what you want about Ted Cruz, the guy’s a freshman Senator getting presidential buzz in March, three years before the next presidential election. This guy is not going away anytime soon:

Fracking Fuels Boom Towns: Gas production is driving the rebirth of tiny towns throughout rural Texas.  But don’t worry, fracking has nothing to do with this:

What is Going on With This Fracking Water?

Bigfoot Not Spotted in Fort Worth This Weekend: Bigfoot hunters descended on Fort Worth this past weekend for the Texas Bigfoot Conference. Unfortunately, Bigfoot was a no show.


  • guest

    animated GIFs. Very 90’s.

  • my2cents

    I am not sure if your tongue is in your cheek with respect to the second GIF, but Methane in water has been around for many many years (before fracking was even a thing). “Gasland” was simply made up in many instances. You should watch “Fracknation” so that you can get the other side of the argument.

  • Mike

    The last freshman Senator that got elected president was a disaster.