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A Perot Museum Employee Is Hosting An AMA on Reddit, Is Not Answering Questions About Fingers

By Bradford Pearson |

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One of the best functions of Reddit is the Ask Me Anything. A celebrity, politician, or regular schmo will hop on, and fellow users are encourage to literally ask the person anything. They’re usually funny, and can be informative. Except, apparently, if you work at the Perot Museum.

A user by the name of ACaudill317 posted the above query yesterday, and the questions came rolling in:

When I leave will I have all my fingers intact?

How did that patron really lose his/her finger?

Where do you keep Ross Perot’s sperm collection?

The employee, who, according to some Facebook sleuthing, is a guest services representative, did not answer those questions. He did answer some basic questions about crowds and exhibits, FWIW.