Win a Bunch of Stuff From Our Desks By Entering This Pizza Hut Delivery Man Caption Contest

Best caption wins:

– an 8 oz. box of See’s cinnamon lollypops
– “From Mama’s Table to Mine” a culinary journey/cookbook written by Paula Deen’s son Bobby
– an unused (!) pair of men’s socks that include a variation of this “I Want to Believe” logo

All of these items were collected by walking around our office and bothering people for the unused/uneaten items that have been sent to them by various PR folks/companies. I’ll pick the winner at 5 p.m. You’ll have to pick up the items at our downtown office, at your convenience.


  • PooBandit15

    It’s not as cool to drive a Benz after you graduate SMU.

  • David Burrows

    “You’ll meet a lot of people’, they said.. ‘You’ll make a lot of dough’, they said. ‘Come on! It’ll be fun!’… they said.”

  • Rob

    Finally after a long day of delivering pizzas, I finally have enough cash to pay the cover charge at the Ghostbar…

  • rodhays

    $10 Any Size Pizza Delivered Fresh In Our White Luxury-Sized Benza.

  • Bushwood Smithie

    “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Highland Park anymore.”

  • mcd

    my journalism prof said if you win a Pulitzer you will always find work

  • Stacy L.

    Drivers carry less than $20. They do however, carry multiple credit cards.

  • A. Ward

    $30,000 millionaire? Pfft, I’m a $20,000 millionaire plus tips

  • 62jimlocke

    Delivery for our Uptown Customers who require not just a high end meal.

  • kentoman

    Try our “Stuffed Shirt Crust” pizza

  • TLS

    Darn salesman. I wanted the roof rack!

  • BrendaB72

    My other car is a Porsche.

  • Spartacus

    You see, my Man Downtown, Commissioner Price, taught me how I could pick up this expensive car in a special title hearing at the Clerk’s office…

  • Larry Powell

    There may be bait cars in the area — Dallas Police Department.

  • BobbyEwing

    “Dude, the car alone didn’t work so I found a better way to get something ‘Hand-Tossed’!”

  • Silver

    Coming up on the next episode of Undercover Boss…

  • David Burrows

    MBA, $78,000.. Boss Suit, $1,200.. Linkedin Premium account, $40… that the sign matches my car’s color? Priceless.

  • Rob Clawson

    The Benz..I mean best Pizza in town..oops

  • Rob Clawson

    My other cars a Bentley..hehe

  • BradfordPearson


  • BradfordPearson

    And the winner is….A. Ward! “$30,000 millionaire? Pfft, I’m a $20,000 millionaire plus tips” Email me at bradford dot pearson at dmagazine dot com

  • yesmelissa

    Mummy says I need to learn the value of a dollar and if I don’t do this there will be no trip to Cabo!

  • yesmelissa

    Mummy says I need to learn the value of a dollar and if I don’t do this there will be no trip to Cabo!

  • yesmelissa

    What can I say? Valet parking in Dallas is expensive!