San Antonio, Austin Officials Smarten Up, Say Olympics Would Never Happen

In addition to Dallas, the cities of Houston, Austin, and San Antonio also received letters from the U.S. Olympic Committee this week, asking if they’d like to bid on the 2024 games. It’s a terrible idea for Dallas, and other cities had the same thought.

Chairman of San Antonio Sports’ board of directors George Block, via the Express-News:

“Not a chance,” Block said of that possibility. “It’s a multibillion-dollar expense and fundraising. That’s (for) Chicago and other cities with multiple corporate headquarters…We’d nowhere near be able to raise that sort of money. From a priority standpoint, we’re nowhere near that. It would have to make sense strategically and economically.”

Bobby Epstein, chairman of Austin’s Circuit of the Americas track, via the American-Statesman:

“No way to make money on the Games. Greece went bankrupt on them and London is still trying to pay bills,” Epstein said. “We don’t even have (an) airport with global routes or dozens of customs officers. We don’t have any stadiums in place.”

USA Today ranked all 35 of the cities that received the letter; Dallas was lumped together with Houston and San Antonio for spots 20 through 22 because, “We know all these Texas cities are different, but it really infuriates Texans when you say they’re not.”