Rawlings to Announce Domestic Violence Advocacy Campaign Tomorrow, Alongside Troy Aikman and Emmitt Smith

Headline pretty much sums this one up. Tomorrow, 11 a.m., at the Dallas Museum of Art. Rawlings, police chief David Brown, Aikman, Smith, “as well as various local religious, business, nonprofit and political leaders.” This announcement is the product of another press conference the mayor had last month. Seems like we’ll finally get a date for that rally against domestic violence Rawlings alluded to.



  • Dubious Brother

    Surely this group will be progressive enough to address the fact that over 50% of domestic violence incidents are initiated by women, that the most dangerous couple for domestic violence are two lesbians and that despite the initiation of violence statistic, when the police arrest someone at a domestic violence call it is the man over 90% of the time.
    This group will also address the Family Court problem where women, usually on the advice of their attorney, initiate domestic violence incidents or even file false claims in order to get the soon to be ex arrested so that the father can be removed from the children’s lives.
    Then they will go on to address the problem that mothers are over twice as likely to abuse and/or neglect their children than fathers.