• The Guy

    Silly me. I heard this from the other room and assumed Senate confirmation hearings had resumed.

  • Peter Kurilecz

    can’t tell which Aberdeen it is in Carrollton, but this google map shows a creek near there which would be the normal route for these cats

    • Robert

      It’s 2300 Aberdeen Bend (where it intersects with Kelly). It’s only a couple hundred feet to a creek (behind the house they’re fighting in front of), and about 400 yards to a large park area (where they probably have their dens). Wow.

  • mynameisbill

    They were probably just politely(it sounds like screaming to us, but those folks we call politicians can screech like that, too, at times) discussing the effects of urbanization on their once bobcat friendlier ‘hood.

  • Eric

    Totally awesome. Totally.

  • Ben Baker

    They need Rick Perry to start jogging in their neighborhood. He does a number on coyotes.

  • Theresa Sexton

    Sounds of a bobcat