Dennis Rodman Has Written a Children’s Book, For Those of You Looking For a Crazier Bedtime Story

Source: Amazon

South Oak Cliff native, NBA Hall of Famer, and all-around madman Dennis Rodman can now add one more jewel to his crown: children’s book author. The tome is titled “Dennis the Wild Bull,” obviously, and one copy is currently available on Amazon. “More than anything, I just want little kids today just to understand: Ain’t no matter what you do in life – be different, rich or poor, man – guess what? It’s OK to be who you are pretty much and you’ll be accepted,” Rodman told the Associated Press. “…For a guy like me to be very eccentric, to even go to extremes to write a children’s book with all the wild things I do and make it believable was pretty much incredible.”

Incredible for whom is still up in the air.


  • Paul

    I walked in to the old Borders at Preston Royal one Friday night in 2006 and noticed a very large man reading to a bunch of kids. It was Terrell Owens reading excerpts from a children’s book that he had written. (Seriously.) When he finished, he asked if anyone had any questions about the book. The first kid raised his hand and asked, “who’s the best quarterback, Drew Bledsoe or Tony Romo?”