Belmont Addition: Not a Great Place to Live If You Want to Build a New Home

If you have a half-hour or so, check out this piece on, the site run by rabble-rouser/ community organizer/ parade hater Avi Adelman. It includes: an over-reaching (?) conservation district, City Hall, City Council candidate Philip Kingston, and a couple trying to build a home on Goliad Avenue. Excerpt:

Such a battle is taking place over 5902 Goliad Avenue. Before the land was turned, the enforcers harassed and insulted the Brittany and Dusty, who simply wanted to build a house as soon as they applied for a building permit and CD review. It’s too tall, it’s too high, it’s too off grade, and on and on and on. Even when Brittany and Dusty fought back, saying the demands by the CD were not in the CD’s rules or City Code, the enforcement committee kept pushing, and harassing and threatening them to force subjugation. There was a meeting in the Kingston home between the so-called enforcement committee and Brittany and Dusty – and Britany clearly knew the City and CD rules better than anyone on that committee.

It should be noted that the antagonist in Adelman’s story — Kingston’s wife Melissa — has sued Adelman before. So, grains of salt, etc.


  • Avi Adelman

    Come on guys, this is a two-edged sword of a compliment.

    I love the link and referral. Technically, Melissa is still suing me. There are two hearings at the end of February and then early March in re the claim that I disparaged her and her business reputation by buying and using the domain name ‘Melissa Kingston dot com’ – (yes I own that domain name too)

    But I don’t hate the parade. I think Jorge and his team do a great job, raise money for scholarships, etc. It’s the post-parade party and drunks raving all over lowest greenville at 10pm that raises the collective community hackles.


  • Bobtex

    So, Mr. Dog doesn’t hate the parade–only the people who watch it.

    I guess he really doesn’t hate the businesses on Lower Greenville–only their customers.

  • my2cents

    This is fantastic. I love it when people have absolutely nothing better to do than interfere with other people’s lives. I facebooked all involved and apparently everyone involved is a friend of a friend of mine (you know, lawyers only good at hanging out with other lawyers). I don’t personally know any of those involved, but from all accounts everyone is very pleasant. I am getting my popcorn ready.

  • Kk.

    Just so people that don’t attend the parade understand – the parade is not on lower Greenville. It’s from around NW Hwy, south about 2 miles to SMU blvd. the “after party” which is a closed street drinking fest is several blocks south of Mockingbird, from around Vickery to Vanderbilt. Jorge & Jake Levy of Desperados only handle the parade, and they do an outstanding job. The concert afterwards is the doing of The Observer (snoop dogg this year, chosen I’m sure to be more “family friendly” per Mayor Mike) and the after party on lower Greenville I believe is sponsored by the bars and restaurants in those blocks – the Levys have nothing to do with these 2 things.