Tom Hicks Puts His Estate on the Market

Have a look at Realtor Doug Newby‘s video tour of the old 25-acre Crespi estate. Cinda and Tom Hicks, finding themselves empty-nesters, have put the place on the market. This isn’t the sort of property that gets a public listing price, but you can figure somewhere north of $100 million. You can find more photos here.


  • Mick

    You “hinted” at the listing price being above 100 mil. Per DCAD, the entire parcel is on the tax rolls for only $36,994,850.00.

    Maybe Mr. Tom needs a re-assessment.

  • Jeff Duffey

    Mick – tax roll assessments have very little correlation with actual market value for homes north of $1M. This is a proven fact.

  • Avid Reader

    Per DCAD, lol.

  • BradfordPearson

    Mick- For comparison’s sake, DCAD lists Dallas Country Club’s 57 acres at $37.5 million. Lawsuits aside, the actual value of that is likely 10 times the DCAD value.

  • heels

    Can anyone verify Tommy has treated this house like the Rangers/Stars/Liverpool and has $900 million in Mortgages on the house?

  • RAB

    When I visited this estate home on its winding approach and then upon entering the home, I felt an adrenaline surge as well as, simultaneously, a feeling of calm, much the same sensation as an athlete experiences in the “zone.”

    Who writes this crap? You’d think they could hire a real writer for that price.

  • jimmy jump up

    they will be lucky to get $60 million

  • TBP

    H/T to Wick’s old pal, Candy Evans, for discovering it’s on the market for $135M. Now don’t be bitter, Tim.

  • Karen Habbestad

    I just want the kitchen & breakfast “nook” area, oh…but can I get rustic hardwood floors instead?

  • Patsy Ann Bell

    I went through all of the 328 photos. If anyone else did the same (unfortunately there a lot of repeats), did you not notice the incredible jaw-dropping 1930s bar? What a jewel of a room. Here’s the link to one of them:

    If the link doesn’t work then note that the two photos of this bar are numbers 73 and 74.

  • Patsy Ann Bell

    Well, it looks like this comment feature will not allow the links to work. So just copy and paste if you like design and design history as much as I do.