Survival of the Cutest: Will Cayden the Vizsla or Bruiser the Black Labrador Prevail?

Would you rather see Cayden (left) or Bruiser in the Furry 4?

Among the four match-ups under way in our Survival of the Cutest tournament is Cayden vs. Bruiser. Both of these dogs narrowly advanced over their opponents in the second round.

Bruiser is a black Labrador retriever, a breed I’ve heard of many times before. Cayden is a Vizsla, a breed I’d never heard of before this contest. According to my thorough research, Vizsla originated in Hungary. I studied abroad in Budapest and have great affection for the place after my time there, so I’m afraid I’m slightly biased towards Cayden as a result.

But go make up your own mind about this and the other three contests in our Adorable 8. Then vote here.