Survival of the Cutest: Presenting The Most Common Dog Names in Dallas

Charlie Baby dog
Charlie Baby of Garland

As our voting in the Sweet 16 round of our Survival of the Cutest tournament remains close, remember to keep voting daily.

This contest has provided us with a sample of what life must be like for Dallas area dog owners, and I’m still mining that data for insight into the latest trends. I’ve already noted the overwhelming number of bulldog entries we received, and I was even more interested in observing the most common names among these pets.

No. 1 on our list – constituting 14 of the 605 entries to our contest – was Charlie (or Charley and other variant spellings). Second in the rankings was Bella (popular because of the Twilight series?) Coco and Cooper were also well-represented.

But I enjoyed reading some of the more unusual names as well. Like these…

Presumably the owner is a Scrubs fan:

John Dorian MD of Dallas
Here’s John Dorian, M.D.

And this guy is mostly called “Lenny,” I believe:

Leonard Cohen dog
His name is Leonard Cohen

In addition, there are also a striking number of dogs in our city who are apparently members of the nobility. The U.S. Constitution prohibits the granting of titles, but I’m fairly certain (I don’t have the case law here in front of me) that the Supreme Court has found that clause doesn’t apply to non-humans.

So, among our nominations alone, we have King Larry Duncan, Princess “Fiona” Apple, Sir Chewbacca, Sir Henry Winston, Sir Leopold Butters, and Lady Marmalade Waffles. It’s enough to inspire one to imagine there’s a whole canine version of Game of Thrones playing out secretly in Dallas.

Sir Leopold Butters and King Larry Duncan
We’ve been unable to confirm whether Sir Leopold Butters (left) carries the banner of King Larry Duncan (right).

Lady Marmalade Waffles
Lady Marmalade Waffles


  • Lee Knox

    J.D.’s owner here. We’re definitely huge Scrubs fans.