Source: T. Boone Pickens’ Grandson, Ty Pickens, May Have Died of a Heroin Overdose

From NBC’s Scott Gordon:

At least one witness told investigators that Pickens, a student at Texas Christian University, took the prescription drug Xanax and later injected heroin in the hours before he died, the sources said. Pickens was pronounced dead Tuesday morning at Baylor All Saints Medical Center, where a friend brought him after saying he wouldn’t wake up. He already may have been dead for several hours, the sources added.

Ty Pickens had been living off-campus. A roommate of Pickens told Gordon that Pickens had taken a Xanax early Monday, then used heroin when the roommate and a cousin of Pickens had gone to the store. When they returned, Pickens appeared to be sleeping; he did not wake up Tuesday.


  • MedicalIndustrialComplex

    Meanwhile, nobody has ever died from smoking marijuana. #BigPharma

    • Really?

      Heroin is Big Pharma? Genius material…

  • beachgirl

    No idiot, Xanax is.

  • Andrew Gardner

    Unless you have been there, you will never begin to imagine the pain and the grief that the Pickens family must be feeling. Some things in life just suck- and it is our humanity and common suffering that binds us. Rich or poor- young or old- how we support those around us in these times dictates our humanity. I hope that everyone who reads this article has a prayer in their heart for the Pickens family today and will go out and do something to help one of their friends- rich or poor- to succor them in their low place. Now is the time, as Jesus said, to “Mourn with those that mourn, and comfort those who stand in need of comfort.”

  • Avid Reader

    Pretty sure the xanax is not what killed him.

  • mikep

    Xanax cannot kill ?