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Manti Te’o Gay Rumors Remind People of Troy Aikman Gay Rumors

By Bradford Pearson |

Layered underneath all of the Catfish references, questions about his knowledge of Skype/FaceTime/basic photography, and loose ends, one topic keeps coming up with the Manti Te’o story: Is he actually just gay? I don’t know, you don’t know. And it doesn’t matter (other than the fact that if he is gay, and used this whole story to cover up the fact that he’s gay, and then used the publicity garnered from this story to drum up support for his Heisman campaign). Still, this story’s bringing to the surface another story. From OutSports.com:

We’ve seen rumors and heard stories about countless athletes in the past. But not since Troy Aikman have I been bombarded on email, text, Twitter and phone calls about the sexual orientation of any athlete the way I was today about Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o.

Most of the Aikman speculation – and that’s all it is – was due to one jackass’ book. Let’s not let ambiguity allow us to make unsubstantiated leaps again, especially when it’s a topic as personal as a man’s sexual orientation.