Manti Te’o Gay Rumors Remind People of Troy Aikman Gay Rumors

Layered underneath all of the Catfish references, questions about his knowledge of Skype/FaceTime/basic photography, and loose ends, one topic keeps coming up with the Manti Te’o story: Is he actually just gay? I don’t know, you don’t know. And it doesn’t matter (other than the fact that if he is gay, and used this whole story to cover up the fact that he’s gay, and then used the publicity garnered from this story to drum up support for his Heisman campaign). Still, this story’s bringing to the surface another story. From

We’ve seen rumors and heard stories about countless athletes in the past. But not since Troy Aikman have I been bombarded on email, text, Twitter and phone calls about the sexual orientation of any athlete the way I was today about Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o.

Most of the Aikman speculation – and that’s all it is – was due to one jackass’ book. Let’s not let ambiguity allow us to make unsubstantiated leaps again, especially when it’s a topic as personal as a man’s sexual orientation.


  • Dubious Brother

    He and Obama attended the same high school, they both had made up girlfriends, they are both uncomfortable around women – Maui Wowie!

  • Dubious of Dubiousity

    Truly, Dubious Brother, that is a completely silly assertion. The validity of your statement aside (Obama is uncomfortale around women and has made-up girlfriends? That First Lady Michelle is the most amazing hologram EVAH!), the fact this guy made up a story and it spiralled out of control has nothing to do with where he went to high school. To believe that two people went to the same school means anything more than the grew up in a similar geographical region is ludicrous.

    Cameron Diaz went to the same highschool as Snoop Dogg (ok, ‘Snoop Lion,’ whatevs), does that mean she smokes weed? Joe DiMaggio attended the same school as OJ Simpson, and he didn’t “allegedly” murder his spouse. And Jay-Z went to the same school as Notorious BIG, does that mean he was lovers with Puff Daddy too? LOL

  • Daniel

    Oh, come on. Of course Cameron Diaz smokes weed.

  • Dubious Brother

    @D of D – You may not have heard but Obama had a made up girl friend in his “autobiographies” – seems to be lacking in girlfriends during his high school and college days – had a close boy friend though – his body language around Michelle is improving, they have been coached.

    The only reason I posted is that it seems every story about Manti mentions that he went to the same high school as Obama, the other stuff just obviously fell into place.

  • jr75034

    If memory serves me right, Bayless only quoted what asst coach John Blake told him on a team flight back from Philly when the team was in turmoil as to who was the leader. Many players backed Aikman and Blake was a long time Switzer guy and he planted the “gay” story so Bayless would write it. Blake was the reason for the gay rumors as he was trying to tarnish Aikman so that Switzer could gain control of the team.

  • BradfordPearson

    I had not read that in one story.

  • Igautt Akleu

    Whether or not he is gay and does or does not come out of the closet if he is, this guy will forever be known as Manti Gayo to snickering homophobes. If he is gay, he should just come out. If he’s not, his bizarre behavior will still make people think he is. In the homophobic worlds of a Mormon family and NFL locker rooms, this is a lose-lose situation for Manti.

  • CSP

    I too remember all the tweets and texts going around in the early 90s about the rumors of Aikman’s sexuality.

    • Daniel

      Wow, you’ve been around awhile, CSP, but don’t feel bad. I’m so old, I downloaded the MP3 of Wish You Were Here when it was first released in 1975, and scathingly reviewed Les Saisons on Yelp.

  • Dubious Brother
  • mynameisbill

    What was it about enjoying playing rough with other guys in tights…..that didn’t set off y’alls “gaydars”? Like, duh! The female cheerleaders are just there for a distraction from the real, gay, truth behind football’s true identity. The truth shall set one free!

  • Derrick

    I believe Manti Teo’ was involved in an elaborate hoax to cover-up his homosexuality. I wrote an interesting blog depicting why he might have concocted this bizarre story. Read more at:

  • Guest

    If you are “Prince of Da South” who wrote the Jan. 18, 2013 blog about the sexual orientation of Manti Te’o we are delighted to know that you find your own blog “interesting.” Because I didn’t.

    Your homophobic comments are your own unsourced speculation. If you had any guts, you would sign your own name to your speculative remarks.