• Margaux Anbouba

    The Pearl Cup downstairs is having a “tip-off” – Tony Romo’s Dallas Cowboys vs. every other team in the NFL. I don’t think I have to tell you who is winning.

  • critic

    Likely 90% off by the end of the season.
    A collectors item after he is traded next year.
    Unfortunately most of the players Jerry has signed can’t remember the plays Tony signals/calls in the huddle.
    Great guy surrounded by mediocre players. Unfortunately he will never win the big one and become a forgotten man

  • Actually Understands Football

    “Average” is the middle or typical value in a data set.

    There about 83 quarterbacks in the NFL. Thus to be average would mean there are at least 41 QBs better than Romo. That’s obviously nonsense. The 42nd best QB doesn’t start in this league when there are only 32 starters needed.

    But maybe you meant “average *starting QB*. Well, there are 32 starting QB which means you think Romo is roughly the 16th best QB in the league. Well, that might be debatable right now. But you didn’t say “currently average.” You said “average at best” implying he is never anything more than average. This is of course false and disproved by the fact he has been to the Pro Bowl 3x which means he was in the top 6 QBs which is certainly better than average. And it is completely disproved by the fact that Romo has the 5th highest QB rating of all-time for all quarterbacks who ever played in the NFL. ( So it simply is grossly wrong and ignorant to call Romo “average at best.”

    In other words, your view of Romo is irrational and misinformed. But maybe you aren’t a big football fan and don’t know any better so I shouldn’t pick on you. If so, mea culpa. Otherwise, get a clue that the problem with the team does not begin or end at QB; he isn’t on the list of things to change.

  • David Hopkins

    “Average at best?” Let me buy you a beer sometime, so I can appropriately argue with you about sports.

  • BradfordPearson

    I’ll bite. And yeah, we’re talking starting QBs. No Ryan Malletts or Graham Harrells. Romo:

    2012 passer rating: 16th in the league (average)
    2012 yards/game: 3rd in the league (considerably above average)
    2012 interceptions: 1st (last?) in the league (way below average)
    2012 touchdowns: 14th in the league (average)
    2012 wins: tied for 16th in the league (average)

    So, right now, I’d say Romo is an average-at-best quarterback, especially when you consider intangibles, i.e. an ability to actually win a game.

    And Romo really only made two Pro Bowls, since he was the *second* replacement in 2010 (behind McNabb), after Brees and Favre didn’t go to the game.

  • Jojo

    Hard to be a good quarterback when you are flat on your back. Offensive line, anyone???

  • David Hopkins

    I’d say he’s average-at-worst. 2012 is not his best year, and he’s surrounded by morons. There’s this to consider too:

    Dallas has a tendency to blame the star players. “Be better!” It’s Dirk’s fault for their playoff woes in previous years. And it’s Romo’s fault for the Cowboys’ shortcomings. In both instances, there’s a whole team of players who fall short. Those players mercifully avoid criticism, because people don’t buy their jerseys.

  • SybilsBeaver

    rip romo all you want, Id gladly trade you matt cassell for romo anyday. It amazes how finicky you cowboy fans are. The o-line sucks you blame romo, the d gives up 500 yds, you blame Romo, the WR runs the wrong route you blame romo. Witten drops 10 passes in the first 3 games you blame romo. I know 20 other teams that would take this mediocre romo LOL