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Texas Is One of the Poorest States in the Country

By Bradford Pearson |

The Census Bureau churned out some number this month showing the poverty percentages, per state, for the past three years. (I’ll beat you to the punch: during the past three years of the OBAMA administration) The picture for Texans, no matter the metric used, is bleak.

The report below (after the jump) is realllllly wonky, so I’ll break it down here.

Percentage of people in poverty, official three-year average:

Mississippi: 21.1 percent

New Mexico: 20 percent

Arizona: 19.2 percent

Louisiana: 19.1 percent

Georgia: 18.6 percent

Texas: 17.8 percent

The lowest? New Hampshire at 7.4 percent

The study also evaluated poverty using a metric known as the Supplemental Poverty Measure. Texas didn’t fare much better: it was still the 10th poorest state, per percentage of impoverished residents.

Census Poverty Numbers