T. Boone Pickens, Roger Staubach Discuss America’s Future

Over on our Real Points blog, Christine Perez has done yeoman’s work transcribing last week’s Jones Lang LaSalle-sponsored event about the future of America.

Some choice nuggets:

Roger Staubach: “I hope that Republicans, now that they know who their president is,  aren’t going to try to make the president look bad. All of our personal agendas are important, but you have to be thinking of the bigger agenda, and what’s right–whether that be in your family, in your company, or in your country.”

T. Boone Pickens: “The missing link in Washington, I think, is leadership. You heard what Jon Stewart said the other night about the election: ‘We’ve spent $3 billion dollars, and what has changed? Not a f-ing thing.'”

Rich Templeton, president and CEO, Texas Instruments: “We have to view the world as an opportunity, not a threat. That’s a big shift. If you listen to a lot of the rhetoric, there’s the whole treatment of China and other countries as they’re the enemy, as opposed to great opportunities where American companies can grow.”

Worth your time.