PollWatch 2012: North Dallas High School, Dallas

Outside North Dallas High School this morning.

Is it more disturbing that North Dallas High School voters cast their ballots on the ROTC rifle range or that this sign claims the school has a “riffle” range?

And could the location of the polling station on the rifle range, with targets on the walls next to the booths, have something to do with the fact that our D Magazine staffer reports there was no line for voting when he went?


  • Tim Rogers

    It’s more disturbing that North Dallas High School has a rifle range! Good God.

  • critic

    Most disturbing is the speller of the sign votes too !

  • scott

    From the spelling, this is where students go to hastily leaf through piles of paper. There are no guns.

  • Edward

    I always loved voting at this location. Never a line. But it was always in the ROTC room, never the riffle range!

    So are Dallas County elections just run better than other places, or we have fewer voters, or what? Why in heck do people in Ohio and Florida have to spend 9 hours to vote?

    • scott


      I’ve never understood this either. My friend in Virginia had to wait 90 min to vote. I wanted 0.0 minutes in Richardson.

  • Linda Johnson Willis

    It does not bother me at all that a high school has a rifle range.
    This is typical in ROTC.
    Many of these students go on to join the military &/ or police agencies.

  • RAB

    I thought they meant “raffle.” When I asked how many tickets I could buy, the polling lady got huffy.