Normal, Not-Crazy Texans Forced to Create ‘Texans Against Secession’ Petition

From the body of the petition, which currently sits on

While we recognize that Texas is a great state, characterized by its independent citizens, there are many citizens that do not support secession from the United States. A petition has been filed with the White House for Texas secession that has reached the 25,000 signature goal it needed to be looked at by the White House. Although it is extremely doubtful that Texas would be granted the approval to secede by such a petition, we would still like to recognize that there are many people in Texas that feel differently, whether we agree with the current administration or not.

Rick Perry as the President of the Republic of Texas does not sound good to many of us. Plus, we recognize that things like NASA and federal defense contracts contribute quite a bit to the economy we like to brag so much about. Please sign so other voices in this debate are heard.

The group has reached 13,860 of its 15,000 signature goal.


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  • Avid Reader

    Do we get to deride these people for being as “dumb” as the secessionist petitioners since it was/is obvious no one is seceeding?

  • mynameisbill

    For some reason after reading this I kinda want Texas to secede now.

  • Dave Mundy

    Don’t you just love how the far-far left wants to talk about how much those evil righties are so hateful — but they’re the first to start with the name-calling?
    Yes, those of us who are Texas Nationalists and support Texas independence realize that no petition is going to do the job. The White House has no control over a state’s inalienable right of self-determination.
    I know this’ll blow another hole in your bubble, but we don’t much care for Rick Perry, either. Do you guys do ANY research, or do you just repeat talking points from MSNBC because you think they’re clever?
    And I don’t suppose you’ve paid much attention to the fact that we’ve been pushing for an independent Texas since 1996. Best I can recall, Obama was still organizing communists in Chicago at that time.
    You’re welcome to support staying in the union. Some of us bled to protect that right for you. At least please debate the facts of Texas independence in an adult manner; we do.

  • Leslie Biffle

    118,000 Texans have signed on to the petition. That leaves only about 26,114,000 who have not. Here is something you might take a look at. Texas star on US flag for sale.

    • Flipper

      Please keep in mind that it’s not only Texan’s who are signing the petition. I am from Minnesota and signing since Texans on a per capita basis receive more federal dollars than they pay Federal tax. If we can arrange for Texas to pay its share of the Federal debt, its a good plan…

  • TeaBags

    “Best I can recall, Obama was still organizing communists in Chicago at that time.”

    Obviously you don’t do ANY research and just repeat talking points from FOX news because you think you are clever. You are about as smart as a bunch of rocks.

  • P Fulton

    We do not need “approval” to secede. That Right is a fact of God’s Nature. See the Declaration of Independence for an explanation. My ancestors, who fought for the first secession from England, realized that fact. There is no explicit mention of secession in the Constitution. Therefore the Tenth Amendment awards the right of secession to the States and the people. We now have a president and a federal government that are hostile to that Constitution because it blocks their agenda. They have taken the same Oath of Office I have taken three times in my life obliging me to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Please note that Oath is to the Constitution, not the federal government. Who are the traitors? When the federal government controls and manipulates the courts the issue may be resolved otherwise.