Leading Off (11/19/12)

Ann Margolin Will Not Seek Reelection: The last time the district 13 city council seat was vacant, Ann Margolin beat-out Brint Ryan in what was the most expensive campaign for a single council seat in city history. Now Margolin, a respected voice on the council, has suddenly and surprisingly decided to not seek an additional term in 2013, citing “personal obligations.”

Arlington Gym Teacher Sued By Student: The student in question, Alyssa White, has a medical condition. She is also a star soccer goalie. When she was late for gym class one day at Ferguson Junior High, her gym teacher punished the student by making her run strenuous exercises. A lawsuit now claims that those exercises landed White in the hospital and jeopardized the student’s potential soccer career.

Another Piece of Dallas History Destroyed: The 88-year-old Thomas building was imploded Sunday. As we learned awhile back, the building, described as a “relic of when cotton was king,” was razed, its Charlotte-based owners said, because of the high cost of asbestos and disrepair.


  • reader

    Alyssa was not late to class. Everyone was punished bc some were late.The workout seems excessive for a PE class.

  • David Hopkins

    The gym teacher used poor judgment (not on punishing the group–that’s standard PE teacher methodology–but on the extent of the exercise). 110 explosions along with bear crawls, sprints and push-ups? That’s a lot for PE students. However, if Alyssa White wants to be involved in serious athletics, strenuous and punishing exercise will be in her future–especially once she’s in high school. This shouldn’t have happened, but it may also be a wake-up call for things to come.