Forget Thanksgiving: Thirty-Two Years Ago We Found Out Who Shot J.R.

Source: Juglar del Zipa, via Flickr

Well I didn’t. I wasn’t born.

But since people seem to care a lot about this show, 32 years ago (Nov. 21, 1980) was the original airing of the “Who Done It?” episode of Dallas. I have no idea who did it (The butler? The sassy friend? I’m playing off archetypes here.), as I’ve never seen an episode of this show.

But, if you’d like to commiserate/ talk about the reboot, the comments are open.


  • Lew Patton

    Hey Brad, a.k.a. Bradford, I doubt anyone else cares enough to comment on this subject either…and the only reason i make a comment here is just to say I have T-shirts older than 32 years old. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • Lew Patton

    Wow just found out larry hagman passed away….RIP.