Delia Jasso Wants to Bury a Time Capsule, Then Get All Antsy and Open it in Only 15 Years

Time capsules: hilarious. Case in point, this Nickelodeon-inspired one from 1992, full of MC Hammer’s ATM receipts and the hospital reports for a girl who choked on Gak.

Anyway, Councilwoman Delia Jasso has a plan to make her own time capsule, to be buried Nov. 20 at Bishop Street and Colorado Boulevard. Community members are invited to contribute items, provided they fit in a 12″ x 12″ x 16″ space.

The best (BEST) part? They’ll open it in 2027, 15 short years after its burial. This would mean that an album from 1997, say, Def Jam’s How to be a Player soundtrack, would’ve been unearthed this year. Those hoverboard-riders are going to be sooo confused by our iPads.