Dallas’ Own Chris Bosh Is The Keeper of The Great Sword of Gorg-Dak-Tox

Before Chris Bosh led Dallas’ Lincoln High to an undefeated season and was named “Mr. Basketball Texas,” and before he became a human herbivorous dinosaur lunging down the floor for the Miami Heat, he was exiled on planet Earth from the planet Zorg-nok 7. Here on Earth, he is the keeper of the Great Sword of Gorg-Dak-Tox, gifted to him by an inter-dimensional star prince.

Or at least that’s the plot of Adventures Of Christopher Bosh In The Multiverse, an animated short directed by Ronnie Rivera, HuffPost Miami reports.

“The film is basically what everybody already knows about how Chris Bosh is a disgraced space prince from another reality who saved the human race from that evil space sorceress that one time,” Rivera told HuffPost Miami. “Dude is still trying to live off of that.”



  • Michael J. Mooney

    This documentary really puts things in perspective.