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Dallas Is the Reading Capital of Texas

By Krista Nightengale |
The Wheelborrow in production. Photo by Dustin Bullard.

There has been talk of branding Dallas as the Reading Capital of Texas. (And by talk, I mean that a few civic-minded people were sitting in a room discussing what they wanted Dallas to be and someone threw it out as a joke, and then someone else really hooked onto the idea, and now we mention it every chance we get.) I think we’re on our way. There’s The Big Read Dallas in April, the month-long reading celebration D is heading up. The Dallas Public Library is the largest non-university library in the state. We’ve got a nice little reading spot in our new park. And, now, there’s the Wheelborrow.

The Wheelborrow was designed by Downtown Dallas Inc., an organization that I love because of what it does for downtown and because of its great employees. Dustin Bullard, DDI’s cityscape and urban design manager (and owner of adorable dog, Bella), told me about the cart a couple months ago. He said DDI wanted to create something that could roam around and allow people access to books.

It took a bit to get finished, but it’s finally here and will debut in a week at the Pegasus Plaza Holiday Market. The cart is made of recycled wood. It has a planter, cushioned seats, and chalkboard doors. It’s simple in premise and design, and it’s absolutely perfect. The point is to let people take books and games from the cart. However, DDI needs a little help to get it rolling. If you have any old games or books that you would like to donate to the cause, please take them to DDI’s office at 2200 Ross Avenue or go to Two AT&T Plaza.

With The Big Read Dallas, the Wheelborrow, and so many other great reading and literacy programs, I think we’re on our way to becoming the Reading Capital of Texas. Spread the word.