Shy Anderson and Jerry Jones Make SportsCenter’s Not Top 10, But the Clip Mysteriously Disappears

So I just happened to catch the SportsCenter Not Top 10, the segment each Friday morning in which they highlight the most amusing of the worst plays of the week.  I noted that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones having his glasses cleaned by his son-in-law Shy Anderson during Wednesday night’s season opener agains the New York Giants (video above) made the list.

But then I looked for the video of the segment on the SportsCenter website, and in this online version, Jones and Anderson are nowhere to be seen. Instead the video skips straight from No. 7 to No. 5.

I welcome your conspiracy theories, even if the explanation is something more mundane like the NFL’s regulations about allowing its video to be streamed online.

Time to lay down some more rules for Jerry?


  • OakCliffnewshound

    Galloway reports on ESPN radio that Jerry’s always borrowing other folks’ glasses and when he borrowed these the son-in-law thought he’d clean them off before handing them over to his father-in-law.
    Of course, it’s much easier to believe something stupid or nasty about ol’ Jerry.

  • IJS

    They also took down the clip of the assistant helping out with the toilet paper in the bathroom.

  • If I had media credentials, I might could have found the answer to this question: