Playboy Ranks SMU, TCU Among Our Nation’s Top Party Universities

Via the Star-Telegram, learned this morning that Playboy magazine ranked Texas Christian University as the ninth-best party school among the nation’s institutions of higher learning. (the University of Virginia was No. 1).  “Sex, sports, and nightlife” were considered in the ranking.

TCU failed to make the party school cut on the recent Newsweek ranking, but as the Star-T puts it: “when it comes to ranking party schools, who would know better, Newsweek or Playboy?”

What I found even more interesting was that SMU was rated No. 1 in the country for nightlife. Says Playboy:

Tired of Solo cups of warm beer? At SMU, Dallas is your never-ending house party. The number of bars within Dallas County: around 2,000, including Idle Rich Pub, the campus hot spot that best describes the student body.

And this quote from a proud student:

“The bar scene at SMU definitely dominates everyone is all about going to the bar and balling out.” – Colton Moyer, International Studies, Class of 2013

Yep, SMU is Dallas’ team.


  • PLu2

    To answer your question, Newsweek knows better. The fact that Playboy named UVA #1 and named the Ide Rich discredits the source.

  • I’ve never “balled out” at a bar. Is this dangerous?

  • Stacy L.

    Glad to see my alma mater UC Santa Barbara continues to make the list. GO GAUCHOS!

  • Chris Chris

    I have to meet this Colton guy and go balls out. YOLO dude! Chris Chris out!

  • Daniel

    I think both Playboy and Newsweek have a different definition of “partying” than I did in college. UVA and SMU are full of golf-shirt-wearing glad-handers who look like they’re named Andy and behave just like loud, horny versions of their dads. Why, give one of these rambunctious young squirts a potent dose of STP and he’d curl up like a doodle bug, clutching his head and inquiring after mommy. In my day, we’d stumble out to catch a ride with a drifter who’s headed to Florida — have him drop us off in New Orleans with nothing but $43.71 and two sheets of acid, see where it led. Bars? Those were seething dens of aggressively normal 30-year-olds, far as we could tell. All the skill is going out of college these days, all the make-do and know-how.