Is It Too Soon For Jokes About Selling JFK Bobbleheads For Next Year’s 50th Anniversary?

That’s the question that surrounds the opening of The Second City Does Dallas, the first show of the Dallas Theater Center’s new season. A number of DTC audience members have objected to a sketch that discusses tongue-in-cheek ways Dallas could commemorate the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assasintation. Some of the characters seem sensible enough, but one continues to come up with tasteless suggestions, like selling JFK bobbleheads (and worse, but I won’t spoil the punchlines). I thought it was funny, but then 1) I am not a Dallas native, and 2) I have a black, black heart. You can read my take in this review on FrontRow, and if you’re curious, here’s some background on the how Chicago’s The Second City went about gathering the material for their Dallas-skewering comedy show.

Oh, and there’s another potentially upsetting sketch that makes fun of little nine-year-old Klyde Warren, the billionaire’s son who is the namesake of the Woodall Rodgers Deck Park. And, sorry, that’s stuffs just funny.


  • 1Zima2Many

    I think whether or not it’s too soon depends on whether the heads on the bobbleheads are completely in tact…

  • JS

    @SecondCity: I sincerely mean what I conveyed in the tags on this post. Your behavior in Doing Dallas is the reason reviews of your work will never again appear in D Magazine.
    Speaking of too soon …..

  • The way this is going, I think FB commenters should stage their own sketch comedies about Dallas. Daniel?