Michael J. Mooney Lands in Best American Sports Writing

Monsieur Mooney, pictured at his previous job, before the beard grew in
Monsieur Mooney, pictured at his previous job, before the beard grew in

Our hirsute buddy Mike “Michael J.” Mooney gets to update his résumé today, for he finds himself included in the 2012 edition of The Best American Sports Writing, the annual anthology of the best sports stories that have been written in America (ahem). Mike’s story is about Ron Washington, and it ran in the April 2011 issue of D Magazine. It is titled “He Do What He Do.” And here is the full list of BASW authors who will be thrilled to see their names next to Mike’s.


  • Not to nitpick, Tim, but the Wright Thompson story, the Wells Tower story, and the Robert Huber story all appear to have been written in (or at least after substantial travel to) various parts of Asia. But to my knowledge, the writers all come from North America. Also, because of that photo, my fantasy football team was called the Clumsy Suitors for two years.

  • @Michael J. Mooney: What the hell? So this book is like Ralph Lauren’s Olympic outfits?

  • 1) The biggest problem with those Olympic outfits are how they look, not where they’re made. Nothing says “America” like trying to get the best deal on a product, except maybe making the brand logo bigger than national one.

    2) I think the fact that a lot of the stories were reported overseas says something about good American journalism sometimes requiring travel and financial support and stuff. Or something.

    3) Yes.

  • @Michael J. Mooney, congrats on the award Mike. I loved the story. Have you ever thought of doing a 2nd interview with Wash? Not that you ever got to “first base” on the initial story…pardon the pun.

  • Sybils Beaver

    Is this award for best fictional sports story?

    • @Sybils Beaver: Care to explain that question?

  • @Sybils, one of my college professors told me once to read the chapter before I asked questions…..

  • Sybils Beaver

    Call The Ticket and ask for the audio of their Ron Washington interview a few weeks back. I believe it was on BaDD Radio. He stated that there were lots of non truths and made up things in the article. he wouldnt discuss the particulars with BaDD and preferred to leave it at that.

  • I love Ron Washington, but those are big, serious claims. I would love to hear what he thinks I made up, or a single thing in that story that isn’t true, because I wrote exactly what happened. I am available any time.

  • @Sybils Beaver: I wish Washington would be more specific. I know for certain that the scene at his front door happened. I was on the phone immediately before and after Mike knocked on the door. And I have an audiotape of John Blake, the Rangers media relations honcho, yelling at me moments after it happened. That’s the only thing I can imagine that he has an issue with. The story was fact checked, and I believe most of the other details are a matter of public record (his playing history, bio, etc.).

    And Mike is right. Saying a writer made up something is a serious claim. Wash owes us an explanation.

  • Sybils Beaver

    He said the story is embellished. Said there wasnt a whole lot of truth in it. And then when asked if Moneyball or your story had more truth in it, he said moneyball. Here is a link to the audio. Go to minute 47:44, it starts there


    P.S. I read the story when it originally published and thoroughly enjoyed it. Keep up the good work

  • @Sybils Beaver: Thanks for sharing the audio. I’ve listened to it. And I really wish I knew what Wash was referring to. I take this kind of thing very seriously. So does Mike, I can assure. He has already reached out to the Rangers to see if he can talk to Wash about it.

    One side point: in the interview on BaDD Radio, Dan says Mike “snuck up” on Wash at his house in New Orleans. I take issue with that description. Mike took at cab to Wash’s house. He got out of the cab, walked up to Wash’s door, and knocked on it. There wasn’t anything sneaky about it.

    Glad you liked the story, though. Thanks for the kind words.