Man With AK-47 Arrested in Downtown Dallas, Ctd.

Absolutely, if we’re having an argument and you pull out an AK-47 and wave it at me, you can consider that argument won.  Hard to dispute that.

More details from yesterday’s arrest:

Witnesses say Johnson Nguyen was arguing with some folks at the parking garage of the Davis Building at 1309 Main St. about 3 a.m. when he pulled the semi-automatic rifle out of a red four-door Toyota pickup.

Police say he then waved the rifle in the air “to intimidate the other persons involved in the argument.” The documents don’t say what the argument was about.

The witnesses fled the garage and called 911. When officers arrived, they searched the garage “from the top down” and found Nguyen sitting in the pickup with three other people. The gun was not visible.

Second Amendment fanatics, feel free to complain in the comments about how the police violated this guy’s rights by daring to confiscate a weapon that, by their own admission, he had hidden away in his vehicle.


  • I don’t think there are many civil rights activists on the 2nd amendment that support brandishing. Try another straw man.

  • Uppercase Matt

    Are you trolling or what? First, proof and edit your entry. Second, while there may be some Second Amendment implications, they have nothing at all to do with having a rifle “hidden way” in a vehicle, or whether anyone “admits” it. These days, if you’re going to have a rifle in your car, you’d better keep it out of sight if you don’t want it stolen. “Lock, Take, Hide” and all that.

  • Enrique De La Fuente

    Second Amendment “fanatics” are not coked up wandering around at 3AM with an AK-47. Sure they have AK-47s, but they are more likely firing them off at some friend’s lease out in East Texas and having a few beers, minding their own business.

    Nothing like firing some rounds in East Texas only to hear someone respond and show off in the distant firing some rounds of their own. That’s America.

  • Eric

    @Phelps – Nails it. You anti-gun fanatics should try another straw man.

  • Edward

    “but they are more likely firing them off at some friend’s lease out in East Texas and having a few beers, ”

    That’s exactly what I like to hear about people being “safe” with their AK-47s. I feel so much more secure now.

  • Blinking Dog

    Disparaging and trying to incite all gun owners due to the alleged bad actions of one person is disgraceful. Not to mention extremely poor journalism. Perhaps we should now condemn all journalists and bloggers due to your post. By the way, D Magazine I expect an apology and actions against Mr. Heid or you’ll get my magazine subscription cancellation.

  • Daniel

    There’s a very good reason why AK-47s are perfectly legal: so people can fire them off at leases in East Texas while having a few beers. That’s what AK-47s are made for; Nguyen’s use of this weapon was an aberration.

    Jeez, Jason, get your facts straight.

  • Enrique De La Fuente

    Edward you more likely to get killed in rush hour by someone who had a late liquid lunch or early happy hour, than out in rural road in East Texas. If you are private property in East Texas…than yea, you shouldn’t feel safe at all.

  • Peterk

    sorry but it probably wasn’t an authentic AK-47 since such a weapon is capable of semi-auto or full auto. most probably it was a knockoff that looked like one.

    “Second Amendment fanatics” as a journalist should we refer to you as a “First Amendment fanatic”?

  • Albert

    By the writer’s reasoning, second amendment supporters have no problem with armed gangbangers. A bit off the mark.

  • Enrique De La Fuente


    Uptown’s coke habit contributes to more deaths than a man’s gun hobby and collection.

  • Dubious Brother

    According to Joy’s stereotyping a couple of days ago, the perp is likely a D and not an R.

  • Daniel

    For what it’s worth, I fired just about every kind of revolver and semi-automatic handgun there is, plus a shotgun or two, while blazing along the dragon-tailed, twisting trail of a mind-bending, fundamentally warping LSD binge. (The bastards wouldn’t die!) In strictly physical terms, I was on about 90 acres near Grand Saline.

    I’ve never seen an AK-47, however, and I do not see their usefulness to civilians. For reasons that may be apparent, though, I have not been entrusted with sponsoring legislative efforts, so you can put your mind at ease.

  • Joy

    Rs only use their guns for hunting, home protection, recreation and mistakenly shooting friends in the face.

  • CraigT

    Where dems only use them to protect their drug shipments or to scare the proles with.

    And while Dicj Cheney jokes sure are funny, if a bit dated, blaming Cheney for that accident is the same as blaming a driver for hitting someone who ran in front of their car on the tollroad. Sure if the driver had slightly quicker reflexes or was just a bit luckier the accident might not have happened, but the fault lies with the idiot who ran in front of the car.