Leading Off (8/27/12)

Back To School, In Larger Classes: Class sizes continue to grow larger than the 22-pupil limit, with more than 73 percent of Texas schools expected to increase class sizes as a way of balancing budgets. This comes at a time when only 24 percent of high school graduates in Texas are considered college ready. Also, children with special needs are increasingly likely to drop out of public schools, feeling underserved. Meanwhile, Texas legislators debate state-funded vouchers for private schools and increasing the number of charter schools.

This Week In West Nile Virus: Aerial spraying has stopped for now, so the city is boosting its prevention efforts. The call to arms has had its effect. The New York Times reports that bug spray is becoming increasingly scarce in Dallas stores. “OFF! is the new Chanel No. 5 around here,” says Carol Reed, who’s always ready with a good quote.

Dez Abiding By “Special” Rules: No alcohol, strip clubs, or unapproved nightclubs, plus a midnight curfew and a team of handlers that will ride with troubled wide receiver Dez Bryant to and from games, practices, and other team events: these are the conditions the Dallas Cowboy has agreed to in order to, you know, keep him from beating up more family members. So now Dallas boasts two athletes who are overgrown man children who need constant supervision.


  • Regarding the “Back to School, In Larger Classes”, perhaps the DISD school Super Mike Miles and the Communication lady can take less salary to build a couple of more schools to make certain the classes aren’t over-crowded. So not only that, our state government wants to consider MORE private schools to further deplete resources to established school districts? Listen, I don’t have the education that these over-priced educators have, but even I can see that’s not the answer. Before long, every parent is just going to home school their kids, and then try to go to court and let their kids play football on their favorite school’s team. Oh wait…..

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    I think parents are up early today and wide awake to issues. And I’m also tired of the two major league players in this area that need baby sitters and are less prepared for life than some of the good students crammed in those classrooms you just talked about.

  • Wearing a tux for thirty days does not an athlete make. However, man child works.

  • Sybil’s Beaver

    More private schools mean more good teachers leaving the public schools system making the probelm worse.

    we all know how it ends around here for athletes woith baby sitters, right Pac Man?

    Im already beaten by Hurricane talk, but I sure hope the people of the Gulf learned a lesson from Katrina and are heading out now