Alison Draper Returns to Dallas Morning News, Ctd.

Yesterday’s announcement by the Morning News was a bit laden with jargon. As in:

Breaking the mold of traditional events sponsorship models, CrowdSource will create partnerships with event producers and others to provide an array of business and operational services, as well as branding and marketing that leverage the vast inventory and audience relationships of the portfolio of products produced by The Dallas Morning News.

I’ve learned more about what that really means. Here is one way CrowdSource might work: let’s say you produce a scrapbooking festival every year in Poughkeepsie. CrowdSource would come to you say, “Listen, marketing accounts for a big part of your expenses in producing Scrapalooza. If you move Scrapalooza to Dallas, we can use the Morning News and Al Dia and Briefing and to promote the gig much more cheaply than if you bought similar exposure in Poughkeepsie. In exchange, we’ll take a small equity stake in your little operation.”

Nice, right? If it works, Dallas will get some butts in hotel rooms. And, of course, we’ll get more scrapbooking.


  • Bill Marvel

    No excuse for a newspaper turning something so clumsily written. I can ony assume it was composed by some front-office type. Or a p.r. type.

  • As someone who was raised in Poughkeepsie, I can attest to our scrapbooking festival being an A+ affair.

  • Amy S

    I still don’t get it. Poughkeepsie is Poughkeepsie, Dallas is Dallas. It’s a no brainer if you’ve ever been to Poughkeepsie. Never again.

    Seriously, it would have to be a larger competitive market, like San Antonio, or Houston, or Tampa (where there are no decent restaurants) that they are aiming for. And is Dallas really the only beneficiary? Or will this partner with facilities in Fort Worth, Arlington, Rowlett and Grapevine?

  • @Amy S- Bite your tongue.

  • Joy

    This PR type would have written a better version of the DMN’s announcement.

  • hm

    Amy S, OMG. I bet you ask a lot of questions at meetings and training events.

  • Mark

    @Amy S: Your comment about Tampa made me laugh out loud. Truer words were never typed.

  • Amy S

    @Bradford. Sorry. Maybe it’s changed. But when we lived there we called it home of The Ugly. And we weren’t (just) talking about the people.

    But regarding the subject. Perhaps the word “partnership” in their release doesn’t relate to equity stakes but to a more collaborative form of the relationship.

    And it doesn’t say exclusively Dallas, does it? A smaller group might fit out at that new Hilton on Lake Ray Hubbard. A low cost-point convention might need something farther out, maybe Fort Worth or Grapevine? So as a facilitator, in a sense, of getting groups to relocate, it would make sense to make use of as many facilities as you can, in order to get their advertising – sorry, branding and marketing business.