Rep. Louie Gohmert (Kind Of) Apologizes for Remarks About Aurora Shootings

It was inevitable that someone would say it. And it was predictable that someone would be from Texas. But Rep. Louis Gohmert, from Tyler, really should have known better be a better a person. In a radio interview with Heritage Foundation over the weekend, Gohmert was asked about the shooting spree in Colorado. His response: Blame the victims (the dead and the survivors), because they weren’t also carrying guns. Really. He said that.

His words: “Well it does make me wonder, you know with all those people in the theater, was there nobody that was carrying that could’ve stopped this guy more quickly?” Because we all know, if everyone walks around with the ability to kill a lot of people instantly, then we’re all safer.

Later in the same interview, he also blamed the separation of church and State. “‘Where is God?’ Well, what have we done with God? We’ve told him we don’t want him around. And I kind of like his protective hand being present.”

Then he apologized-ish. “I am very sorry if my comments caused heartache to anyone in Colorado.” If. Because what are the chances any one of the 70 people shot, or anyone in their families, might not subscribe the same warped logic as Gohmert?


  • Steve

    In a sane world, this vile clown would easily be disposed of at the polls. But in East Texas, he received 90% of the vote in 2010.

  • Sotiredofitall

    And will be re-elected by 90%

  • mm

    Not to mention the guy was wearing full body armor, and was shooting from smoky darkness. Idiot.

  • Avid Reader

    I actually thought someone from Florida would be the first to say something since that viral video of the 70 year old man at the internet cafe coming to everyone’s rescue with his concealed carry licensed handgun from the two armed robbers is/was all over the place last week.

  • Borborygmus


    Lord help us, it’s Louie, of the terror baby alert.
    Spouting off again, ignorantly, of other’s hurt,
    When inquiring “What, wasn’t anyone packing?”
    Like somehow it was the victims who were lacking
    Enough common sense for a weaponry dearth,
    Which led to their extinction from us on earth.

    But it’s not only him, there are others who feel
    That less regulation leads to exactly this deal,
    Where victims are saved by an undercover gun
    (Yet also allows bullet sales by the gross ton).
    And sows the seeds for yet another debate
    Of constitutional gun control (it’s really a bit late…..)

    “It’s the person, not the gun”, some would quibble,
    “Report them, for observation”, is really just drivel.
    Like having some bureau of mental policing
    Would be more constitional, more socially pleasing?
    Thank God Louie’s Tyler’s problem, that son of a gun,
    Maybe he’ll motivate someone worthwhile to run.

  • Katy

    Personally, I don’t know that anyone with a gun could have stopped this guy. The point of a concealed weapon is NOT to engage in a firefight and don’t shoot unless you are certain of taking out the threat. In a crowded, dark and smoky theater, you’d have to be a damn sniper to take that guy out. The only way one could be confident of not hitting an innocent bystander would be if one could somehow get behind the shooter and take him out with a shot to the head. From across the room, a person with a concealed (with no more than 10 bullets) wouldn’t have stood a chance.

  • Albert

    If a legal carrier was there, someone might have been accidentally shot.

  • Daniel

    @MJM: There’s a typo in your post. You forgot to put a dash. It should read

    Rep. Louis Gohmert, from Tyler, really should be a better — a person.

  • Dee

    Since when did journalism get so biased and basically become a smear job? This is a distasteful article. To call someone a bad person and an idiot just because of few comments [that he apologized for later] is highly over critical. Have you ever made a mistake before? And, yes, we have strayed too far from our Christian beliefs, in my opinion. That point is solid – but maybe should have been saved for a later time. I don’t know about you, but I subscribe to the logic that we are imperfect people in an imperfect world.

  • DMN has a story online this morning about one of Gohmert’s constituents having a shooting accident while playing pocket pool at a local Walmart. I guess the pistoleverpeckerhead couldn’t get no satisfaction with People of Walmart videos like the rest of us.

  • Borborygmus

    @Dee – No bias, the man is being judged for what comes out of his mouth, this time and before (hello all you Terror Babies, remember uncle Louie?). You can only say stupid things so many times before someone calls you stupid. Nobody’s asking him to be perfect, just not an idiot.

    My Christian beliefs are so far away from Mr. Gohmerts, I can only thank the Lord that I’ve strayed. You can keep your version of religion to yourself as well. This is America. I don’t have to eat your serving of God.

  • john

    @Dee – it is folks like you who keep voting for this nutjub. This man is not being called an idiot for just this comment. This is a pattern of behavior for him. It makes me wonder what has happened to my state, that we continue to vote in crazies like this. Do sane people in this state no longer vote? At what point will the normal folks outnumber the crazies at the polls? Until that happens, we will continue to be the laughingstock of the country.

  • Dani K.

    Dee, read the words carefully. That’s no apology. That’s not even admitting he did something wrong. And that makes him a horrible person Christians shouldn’t defend.

  • J bennett

    And Thank You DEE….is there so little critical judgement anymore…?

  • Daniel

    Dee is correct: Any good Christian can tell you that this crime was caused by the victims’ own cowardice. Now, before you write me off as some kind of deranged white-trash freak, keep in mind that Jesus whispered this in my ear hisself.

    God bless you, Dee! And remember to always remain armed, just as Jesus instructed! Those who would kertale our gun rights, I get off on imagining them being tormented for eternity, along with homosexuals and fiscal moderates.

  • Glenn Hunter

    @Dani K.: According to what I read, Gohmert said that if somebody in the theater had had a concealed-carry permit, he or she might have been able to take out the orange-haired idiot that blew away 12 people. I don’t understand what he has to apologize about in the first place–or why everyone’s sensibilities have been so offended. How about getting offended by the homicidal freak?

  • Tom

    Apparently Louie is done with this topic and ready to throw John McCain under the bus for being critical of Michele Bachman’s McCarthyesque attacks on Muslim groups.

  • Daniel

    Yep, Glenn, politicizing a tragedy and implying that the victims were godless cowards (while displaying remarkable fatuousness and ignorance on many counts) is not offensive. At all.

  • towski

    @Glenn – your mistake this time is in assuming one can’t be offended by both. Come on, man.

  • Glenn Hunter

    @Towski: Thank you for helping me realize my mistake. Like you, I know how important it is never to pass up an opportunity to be offended by something. I will be more vigilant in the future and work to be offended by more things.

  • Towski

    Nice try, Glenn. My comment was about your attempt to portray criticism of Gohmert’s comments as somehow ignoring the horrible tragedy in Colorado. It was weak, and while I’d like to pretend such petty partisan crap is beneath you, I think we all know it is not. Hackish, at best. Not a surprise there.