D Magazine Announces Insanely Talented Group of Summer Interns

I don’t like this one bit. Krista just announced our passel of summer interns. These people are insanely overqualified. Yale? Harvard? A master’s from Cambridge? Way too intimidating. Not letting them attend editorial meetings. I’m serious. See for yourself the short bios Krista sent to the staff:

Teo Soares is a junior at Yale. He’s studying history. He went to high school in Denton. His fiction work has appeared on NPR’s Selected Shorts. He’s the editor for the Yale Historical Review. He has already pitched a story to Nancy.

Matthew Watson is a freshman at Harvard. He’s an arts board staff writer for the Harvard Crimson. He was a student editorial columnist for the Dallas Morning News last year. He’s a percussionist, composer, and songwriter. He’s also an Eagle Scout. He went to Flower Mound High School. His dad, formerly a journalist, does not really like his career choice.

Megan Shaw is a junior at Washington and Lee University. She’s a life & arts staff writer for The Ring-Tum Phi, W&L’s weekly newspaper that probably needs a different name. She was also the cops and courts beat reporter for The Rockbridge Report, and a section editor for The Calyx yearbook. She’s from Fort Worth.

Caitlin Giddens is a junior at Baylor University. For the past year, she has been an editorial intern for the Wacoan Magazine. While writing, she also had to sell ads. In fact, she based what she wrote on the ads she sold. We told her it’s not like that here. She’s looking forward to not having to do both.

Paige Harriman is finishing her freshman year at UT, where she is Plan II and editing for the Daily Texan. She went to school at Highland Park High School, where she copy edited The Bagpipe. She founded the Genesis Women’s Shelter Outreach Club.

Lesley Mann is our editorial research intern. She attended the University of Kentucky on a full ride. Then she went to the University of Cambridge on a full ride. She got her master’s in Bioscience Enterprise. She’s now at El Centro getting her certificate in basic culinary skills. She started a business with her dad. It’s a chicken-composting business. She developed the science behind it, and it’s now sold in 15 states.


  • D. Shapiro

    I drink a lot. Now I know why.

  • mynameisbill

    @D.Shapiro….I feel your pain. Bottoms up!

  • SB

    Big accomplishments. I hope they were all fact checked.

  • Me!

    No pictures? I’d like to see how smart they are.

  • Zorro

    I agree with “Me!”

    Baylor girls are hot.

  • Impressive! D will be an excellent platform from which to propel for these talented and motivated young people.

  • Bill

    What? No Domers? Shame on you, Tim!

  • @Bill: Krista, who does the hiring of interns, checked her email. Best she can tell, she’s never had an ND student apply. I guess that’s my fault. Need to get that pipeline to South Bend built.

  • beccalyn

    Hawkeyes would be a good attention anytime to D. 🙂

  • beccalyn

    Good addition. Not attention. And now I believe I didn’t make my point, LOL!