Crooked Arrows: The Local Connection to the Lacrosse Movie Everyone Is Talking About

What? You haven’t heard about Crooked Arrows, the new lacrosse movie opening this weekend? It’s like Hoosiers, only with hunky Brandon Routh as the coach instead of a recovering alcoholic, and a bunch of Native Americans instead of Indiana farm kids. Really? No? Not ringing a bell?

Anyway, Jacques “Bunky” Vroom III (who recently returned to Dallas) co-produced the film. Kelly and Wade McClure and Stuart Fitts are investors. I know at least one husband of one managing editor who will be watching this one. Here’s the trailer.


  • Daily Reader

    It’s about time American Indian characters in movies are played by genuine natives.

  • Priscilla Stevens

    I agree with Daily Reader. And Gil Birmingham from the Twilight series is great. Can’t wait to see him in this.

  • dust in your mouth

    ah yes “the crooked arrows” a story inspired by a group of gay indians that take up lacrosse and make everyone find out that, ‘yes, lacrosse is for guys too, just gay ones that are indians though’. suprisingly enough you may be thinking wait, why have i only seen girls playing lacrosse? well the answer is simple, its not worth watching without seeing some hot girl ass. very often people think what happened to the good movies? and i’ll answer you now, they died, this is what you have to look forward to after work, garbage like this and ‘big bang theory’ on tv. writers have gone stale, no one has made a movie worth too much note since the 90’s. The next question you may be asking, why are you telling me this? will be answered too!!!! yes thats right!!! well im telling you this because i have came to this realization years ago and decided you should go through the same dream crushing reality that I have, thanks for reading! enjoy your daily dose of garbage on tv and in theatres!