• Dubious Brother

    “in a perpetual battle between the EPA and its enemies” – The agency has been taken over by ideologues and does consider American companies their enemies which I don’t believe was the original intent of the EPA.

  • Peterk

    agree with Dubious Brother. EPA has been a haven for ideologues for decades and its methodology is some cases has been dodgy. IIRC a scientist in the Pacific NW was caught falsifying data but misusing fur samples. also take a look at the spotted owl turns out logging wasn’t the cause of the drop in their numbers but rather they were being attacked by a different species owl

    “the EPA had found itself in the odd position of admitting that new regulations (as written) would force it to hire those 230,000 new federal employees – at an astonishing annual cost to taxpayers of $21 billion – in order to boost the number of greenhouse gas “polluters” it polices from 14,000 to a whopping 6.1 million.”
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    “In 2011 the Environmental Protection Agency provided $1 million in grants to 46 different non-profit and tribal organizations to promote what it called “environmental justice.” Since 1994, a little-noticed EPA program has handed out a total of $23 million in such grants to 1,253 organizations, for stated purposes that observers are questioning.”

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