Best of Big D Readers’ Choice: Culture Voting Starts Monday, April 23

Culture_FBWe’ve got a new addition to our annual Readers’ Choice poll. This year, we’re going to ask you to vote for your favorite notable locals from the realms of sports, the arts, and the media. As with our previous rounds, you’ll be able to participate once a day on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

The poll starts Monday and will run through May 6. We’ve nominated a list of finalists in each category, but write-ins will be welcome. The winners will be noted in the August 2012 issue of D Magazine.

To get started in planning your votes, take the jump to see the list of questions to be answered on the ballot.

1. Who is the best local athlete?

2. Which is the best local sports team?

3. What’s the best sports venue?

4. What’s the best theater company?

5. Who’s the best local actor?

6. Who’s the best local actress?

7. What was the best theatrical production of the past year?

8. What’s the best movie theater?

9. What’s the best museum?

10. What’s the best art gallery?

11. What’s the best art space?

12. What’s the best performing arts venue?

13. What’s the best dance company?

14. What’s the best local music act?

15. What’s the best annual festival?

16. What’s the best local attraction?

17. What’s the best local landmark?

18. What’s the best place for family fun?

19. Who’s the best local politician?

20. Who’s the best local columnist?

21. Who’s the best local critic not employed by D Magazine?

22. Who’s the best local Tweeter?

23. What’s the best Dallas blog not published by D Magazine?

24. What’s the best conversation series?

25. What’s the best local TV news team?

26. Who’s the best local TV broadcaster?

27. What’s the best local radio station?

28. What’s the best local radio show?


  • Best local radio station – KHYI
    Best local radio show – KHYI’s Lone Star Underground
    Best local music act – The Dustin Perkins Band