Leading Off (12/19/11)

Felony Lane Gang Suspected in Purse Snatching Spree in McKinney: A Florida-based gang has hit a number of daycare parking lots in Collin, Dallas, and Tarrant Counties, stealing purses from moms’ cars and using the identification to cash checks at nearby banks. The “gang” has been active throughout the nation.

Khloe Kontact Made: We’ll all get tired of this Kardashian krap soon enough, but not just yet. The latest? The double K touched down in Dallas over the weekend where she looked for an apartment (for just one year, that’s how long she thinks she and her man, Lamar Odom, will stay) and tweeted “Wow Dallas you guys are so freaking nice to me!” and “OMG how amazing is this sign!!! What a warm welcome from Dallas!!!!” (Oh, and the Thunder beat the Mavs in preseason.)

Human Bowling At Cowboys Stadium: This video is much easier to watch when you know that no one was seriously injured when the runaway cart plowed through a group of people standing on the field at Cowboys Stadium Sunday after the 5A Division II championship.


  • RossG

    Apparently, Rob is moving here too. He wants to be close to Khloe.

    Oh!!!! And what about not using the “K” in place of the hard “C”? Frontburner laid down the law and then broke it themselves. Shame on you.

  • RossG
  • Like him or not, I think some mention is warranted of Dale Hansen’s stunning admission last night on air that he was the victim of a sexual assault as a child. In light of the ongoing pedophilia victim parade that is the Sandusky trial, Hansen’s revelation is timely and tragic. He is to be commended for speaking out.

  • A.

    Isnt it rude to assume they will only be here for a year? Sort of like “Somewhere better will want me & as soon as I am wanted im gone.” Whatever. Take it back to Cali, Texas is too real for those frauds.

  • RossG

    @A. The only reason they make that assumption is because Cuban used a loophole in the CBA to get Odom and for the same reason he let Chandler and Barrea leave, Cuban is reserving money for next year’s free agent pool. However, if Odom plays extremely well, or if we don’t get the players we are trying to get, Cuban will keep him. Otherwise, Cuban will need to trade him to make room for the free agent. So it is not rude, since Cuban has already indicated to them that this is a real possibility.