Local Nurse Gets Berkus’d (Or Something)

I have proudly avoided Oprah Winfrey for many, many years, so I wasn’t entirely sure who Nate Berkus was, other than he had some vague affiliation with her and he decorates stuff nicely (although, certainly, taste is subjective). But now he has a show of his own, and has taken to hiding in crates and jumping out and surprising people.

I bring this up because not long ago he did this to Julia Clarke, who is a nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano. She was um, excited. A lot. To the point, in fact, that Berkus said he was a little scared. I don’t want to point fingers, here, but if someone jumped out of a crate at me, I’d probably use pepper spray (unless, like Julia, I was lead in to a room where a bunch of people were cheering and there was a camera crew and the crate said, “NATE” on it. Hello, dead giveaway) . So he’s just lucky it was Julia, and not me. IJS.


  • Rita Chase

    There’s also a young woman originally from Dallas on that show a lot. She does the “street merch” stuff for Nate. Finds interesting furniture on the streets of New York and redefines it. I think she started as a blogger, Hanna something…