The Immense Ego of Michael J. Mooney

It’s now official: working with Mike is impossible. We learned this morning that the Daily Beast picked his Rais Bhuiyan story as one of the week’s best reads. And when I say “we learned,” what I really mean is that Mike walked into work this morning shouting, “Get your popcorn ready! The show’s about to start! Big Miiike in the house!” Then he spiked a copy of Garner’s Modern American Usage and did the Dougie. The other Daily Beast selections from the magazines you see pictured included a Michael Lewis story in Vanity Fair. Right now Mike has a group of interns gathered around his desk, and as one of them braids Mike’s red locks into cornrows, he’s going on about how Lewis is a hack and how Moneyball is overrated and how he, Michael J. Mooney, could bed Tabitha Soren if he wanted to. Somebody needs to take this guy down a notch.


  • Meg

    Michael J. Mooney taught me everything I know about everything.

  • But I taught him how to Dougie.

  • Jean Val Jean

    How’s this for a reality check: He thought the Cowboys could hold on to a lead.

  • Bill Marvel

    I happen to know that George Getschow writes every word Mooney claims. Including “the” and “and.”

  • Love Michael Moony’s work! He has every right to have attitude.

  • Jennifer

    Photographic evidence of the cornrows?