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Rangers Game Fun Facts

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Some of these facts may be true. Some of them SHOULD be true.  Add more to this list in the comments, and you will win …… my undying respect and admiration. And a copy of New York magazine with an old pregnant lady on the cover, if you want.

So here goes:

1. Napoli and Beltre’s combined salaries equal about what the team planned on paying Cliff Lee. (courtesy the late Evan Grant)

2. Derek Holland’s mustache actually more looks like Ron Swanson’s, but he thins it out every morning so it looks like that on purpose.

3. I once nodded nonchalantly at C.J. Wilson at a mall, and he ran behind me and begged for my autograph. It was really embarrassing.

4.  I didn’t drink at all during last year’s World Series run.

5. If  you do ever have occasion to meet Adrian Beltre, you should totally touch the top of his head.

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