What Happens When Your Priest Tries to Friend You on Facebook?

PriestEnderHere’s some more stuff from the September issue that didn’t make it online till here and now, with this up-to-the-minute update: I still haven’t approved Father Roch’s friend request. But I did call him to let him know about the story, in case he hadn’t read it yet. I told him I loved him and that I hoped he’d read it in the spirit in which it was intended. Still haven’t heard back from him. So, you know, see you hell, friends.


  • RAB

    I wish I could use the back page of D Magazine to send a message to people I don’t confirm as friends. Must be nice.

    (The last line was funny.)

  • B. L. Powell

    I friended the Texas Tribune’s Evan Smith a couple months ago. I don’t know him personally, though we’ve met a couple times. He’s not a Facebook native like you, Tim, but I do see occasional posts on my news feed – despite the fact that he has not formally accepted my acquaintanceship/friend request (Facebook tells me it’s “pending”). So check your privacy settings, lest the Father’s otherwise pure social media experience be besieged by your heathen garbage.

  • Priscilla

    White people problems.

  • Daniel

    Yes, even if you don’t accept the request, as long as you leave it in Limbo (a little Catholic humor to keep you on your toes), Father Roch will receive any “links” you post, whether they be to pictures of you in a tutu, or to articles on the merits of Troy Aikman’s chest hair.

    As B.L. notes, this setting can almost certainly be tweaked. But by now, why bother?

  • Ben

    Ha! I had Father Roch as a Latin instructor at Cistercian. His big deal was chalkboards. Epic amount of chalk dust generated by him when he taught. You could stripe a foul line at a Ranger game with the chalk dust that guy generated. Easily went through 3-4 sticks of chalk in an hour and would wipe the board clean with the sleeve of his monk outfit. Nice guy.

  • CPS78 Survivor

    Fr Roch was my Form Master and he is my friend on Facebook. We haven’t interacted much there, since if he needs anything from my class, he sends us email. Ironically, there is usually enough guilt caused by the email to make us into all old Jewish ladies.

    Go Hawks!

  • Old-school CPS

    Stealing from Mark Twain about Fr. Roch: The older I get, the smarter he gets. God bless you, Father – and thanks for all the great teaching way back when. Wish I had appreciated it more at the time.

  • M

    I have to disagree. Total Recall holds up excellently. “Get your ass to Mars!”