Is Michelle Beadle “Dallas Enough” To Discuss Here?

I pose this question not just because I’d like to meet Michelle Beadle one day, but also because she seems interesting and entertaining and she’s often involved in interesting and entertaining stories — many of which originate on Deadspin. Like stories about her feud with fellow ESPN personality Erin Andrews, or her relationship with NHL analyst Matthew Barnaby, or this newest one, about what she did not say to Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers while drunk. She grew up at least partially in Roanoke, which she references every so often on the show she hosts with the unwatchable Colin Cowherd. She says her career started in a Dallas bus station. And she openly roots for the Rangers and Mavericks. That’s enough, right?


  • MCC

    Yes, it’s plenty. #TeamBeadle

  • Dane

    By that standard, Glenn Beck is a homeboy, too.

  • New goal: a dinner with both Glenn Beck and Michelle Beadle.

  • DGS

    Like MCC, I’m an unabashed member of #TeamBeadle.

    She’s earthy, funny, and pretty darned hot.

    BTW, she also hosts a weekly podcast, which is definitely worth a listen.