Cameron Mitchell: A Glee Project Winner After All

Remember Cameron Mitchell? He’s the North Texas singer who walked away from a chance to star on Glee in episode seven of The Glee Project, a reality show that airs on Oxygen. As it turns out, doing so may have helped his career more than hurt it. Not only did it generate a lot of media interest, his fan base has exploded as well. Mitchell’s YouTube channel has attracted more than 2.3 million views, his five-song “Love Can Wait” LP cracked the top 25 on iTunes–and last night he was named winner of The Glee Project’s “fan favorite” competition, which netted him a $10,000 prize.

In a video announcing the results, Mitchell thanked the “nerds” who voted for him then showed why he has so much star potential, performing Michael Buble’s “Just Haven’t Met You Yet.” He was joined by Damian McGinty–a Glee Project castmate who had been picked by the judges to go home in episode seven, but saved by Mitchell’s decision to walk.

Lucky for McGinty. Then 18-year-old singer, who hails from Ireland, ended up as one of the co-winners in last night’s series finale. He and indie rocker Samuel Larsen will each get a seven-episode storyline on Season 3 of Glee. Lindsay Pearce and Alex Newell, who rounded out the top four, will appear in two episodes of the show, which returns Sept. 20.

All 12 original contenders were on hand for the finale, including Mitchell. “Coming back for the final episode, I had some hesitance to get involved again, but when I got here I realized this show has made me into a performer, and I owe everything to it,” he said.


  • Rain

    I totally thought Cameron should have stayed and would have won the entire

  • Miriam

    Cameron is a very unique young person who exhibits an extremely strong core belief which translates as a very strong character with a lot of integrity so very rarely seen nowadays. He practically tells the world it is Okay to be a Christian and not hide it, that young Christian men/boys are cool and attractive and a great friend. He gave his spot to Damian. That could have netted him tons of money. Cameron is not a fame or money hungry. Just a sweet example of a young human being in this world we live in. God bless him and Ryan Murphy for creating this show otherwise we would not have know an exemplary young man who is Cameron. Bravo to all. Great summer show. I was lured completely away from my favorite crime shows. Very much worth it. Thank you.

  • Lauren

    Cameron has the talent to take him far… And Damian’s fans have adopted him as their own as well, we of the Thunderhead Nation will support whatever our Irish lad wants… In fact it was Damian’s tweet that stopped us from continually voting when the voting website ended up allowing people to vote repeatedly instead of once a week… He asked us to restrict it to our one vote per week… And Cameron pulled ahead…
    And it was well deserved… Cameron is amazing with star quality that is sure to take him far! All in all, when it came down to the last 6 or so contenders, there was no lack of talent in that competition!
    Celtic Thunder fans are ready to see more from Cameron, and are just waiting to hear what to support next from him and Damian!
    Btw, Damian’s former group will be in Dallas for the first time without him, Dec 17 in Grand Prarie! And I’ll be in the 18th row!!!

    Have a Wonderful Day!!!

  • David Malcolm

    One of the other nice things about Cameron is that he’s got strong Christian sensibilities but at no point during the taping did he say anything homophobic. So much of the message sent to young Christians today is that in order to have convictions you need to be a douche about them and force your beliefs on other people. With Cameron, his beliefs influenced his behaviour and what he was comfortable with, but at no point did he say anything unkind to any of the other contestants.

  • Andre

    Bravo to Cameron who has shown that life principal is more important than worldly materials. He is a role model for the youths who want to have a strong character.

  • aRgie

    Cameron is so sweet that he wouldn’t want to do things that he doesn’t feel belong with and he gave his spot to Damian which actually at first Cameron didn’t know who he’s saving…. Luv ya Cam n Damo

  • anne

    I think what happend in the show is truly inspiring, I think we should all see the bigger picture!! Teens loved what Cameron did they supported him they voted him the most popular contender!!! I think that shows us that teens still bealive in values, in integrity they want to see someone who is true to their belifs and stands by them no matter what, they want positive role models, and that gives me hope!! I think Cameron is authentic,talented and as he said naive and has a pure heart, his convection and love for God shows in every action and personally I loved watching him on the show, so as a petition to Ryan Murphy, you realy should create a caracter for Cameron, as you said he would touch so many people and provide the show with faith,integrity and morals, and can be such a positive impact for the show. I think the polls demostrate we all want to see more of Cameron Mitchell!!!!

  • Amanda Loves Cameron Mitchell

    cameron is my insperation I love him soo much any girl is lucky to be with him (someday I will marry him haha) 🙂 <333


  • Nidhi

    Cameron was my favourite from Day 1. He could have fitted so well into the show. I really wish he does well in life (he undoubtedly will), but more importantly, I hope we see more of him

  • Grace

    I was so touched by Cameron’s attitude. He is a role model,indeed. He show his value by his action not by words. Hahahaha wish him were my teacher. Teach us by examples not words. I belive he can go to the final and become at least top 2. He can sing very well and his acting is wonderful. Samuel can’t act as good as cameron. But ambition,competition, money didnt blurr him from his value. I am amaze with him. Wish him keep standing strong in the future. As wind blows stronger, may he lean to Him,not his own strength.. Cam wont be strong enough to fight. But when Cam walk with Him, he will be more humble outside.. Yet mighty inside.

  • Tat

    Cameron is adorable and he’s the first man i’ve ever seen cry. its so refershing to see that some men have feelings too. Love him

  • Mariel from Manila

    Cameron really have this charismatic aura on him that clearly shows “I am who I am, the way I am created.” I wish all boys are like him. Conflicts of the world would end quickly.

  • Deb from Houston

    I want to follow Cameron since he’s been off of Glee. where is he? Is he singing any place in Grand Prairie or is he willing to tour?

  • Omg cameron….
    I cried during the episode when he left…
    cos it was so touching…
    They should win, best bromance eva!

  • Amanda Loves Cameron Mitchel NERD 4 LIFE!!

    hi cameron,
    i love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and i cried for like 20 mins. in the closet (so my sis wouldn’t make fun of me) when you were off the glee project but they you said why and i AGREEEEEEEE omg i lovee youuuu sooooo much and my dream is just to meet youuuuu!!!!!!! :))) i cant wait for my dream to come true!!! i listen to allllllllllllllllllllllllllll your songs on youtube and i sing along with your original song ”Such A Mystery” LOVEE IT!!!!!!!!! okayyyyyy PLEASEE MAKKKEEEE MYYYYYY DRREEEAMMMMM COOOMMEEEE TRRUUUEEE!!! (btw i promised i would’t have a crush on you but i broke that promise….. oh well!!!)

    loveee your #1 fan girl nerd forever ,
    AMANDA!!! <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • Lily

    I was literally crushed when Cameron quit the show, because I feel like he was definitely the best musician out of all the contestants, and his character could have gone SO far in Glee.
    But, I really did feel like he’s more of a musician than an actor after all, so maybe giving up the Glee opportunity and instead pursuing his own musical career will turn out to be a better choice, in the long run. I do hope we see more of him! And maybe he could even have a special role in a Glee episode!! 😀

  • jess

    I LOVE cameron wish he cn stl b on glee

  • GUYS, if you loved this boy! follow us about her on twitter and tumblr: &

  • Jocelyn diaz

    I wish the best for Cameron -)he was an amazing proformer on glee. I bet hell go far in his music career …I love his proformances 🙂 Cameron, keep it going as my teacher used to say, we should get some butter because you’re on a roll today.ha ha ha