Giveaway: A Nice Gorilla Vs. Bear Fest/Granada Theater Prize Pack

If you have not already made plans to go to the very excellent Gorilla vs. Bear Fest at the Granada Theater on Saturday, please rectify that immediately. The debut of Preteen Zenith, Tim DeLaughter from Tripping Daisy/Polyphonic Spree’s new band! White Denim, the makers of D, maybe my favorite album this year!  Shabazz Palaces! Dreamed! Lots of other things I would totally put an exclamation point after!

I’ll be there. I’m the guy with the beard. No, not that one. Or that one. Yes, there I am. Hello. Anyway. The good folks at the Granada have made available a special prize pack to attendees. The details are after the jump.

It’s worth more than $400 and includes:

-Shabazz Poster
-Shabazz CD
-Shabazz Patch
-White Denim Poster
-WD Vinyl
-WD Shirt
-Granada Shirt
-Mission of Burma Tix
-Hard Tour tix
-GvB Fest poster
-GvB fest Shirt
-Spot to review the show on our blog
-Preteen Zenith Poster
-Preteen Zenith Button
-Live Hair Group $100 Gift Certificate
-Good Records $10 Gift Certificate
-Libertine Bar $25 Gift Certificate

OK, first thing. You MUST have a ticket to enter to win this thing. Don’t disappoint me or waste everyone’s time. If you don’t have tickets yet, get them now, or enter to win over on FrontRow, where a couple pair should be going up momentarily.

How to win: In the comments, name your favorite GvB Fest band and why. Be creative. I’ll pick the best one.