Giveaway: A Nice Gorilla Vs. Bear Fest/Granada Theater Prize Pack

If you have not already made plans to go to the very excellent Gorilla vs. Bear Fest at the Granada Theater on Saturday, please rectify that immediately. The debut of Preteen Zenith, Tim DeLaughter from Tripping Daisy/Polyphonic Spree’s new band! White Denim, the makers of D, maybe my favorite album this year!  Shabazz Palaces! Dreamed! Lots of other things I would totally put an exclamation point after!

I’ll be there. I’m the guy with the beard. No, not that one. Or that one. Yes, there I am. Hello. Anyway. The good folks at the Granada have made available a special prize pack to attendees. The details are after the jump.

It’s worth more than $400 and includes:

-Shabazz Poster
-Shabazz CD
-Shabazz Patch
-White Denim Poster
-WD Vinyl
-WD Shirt
-Granada Shirt
-Mission of Burma Tix
-Hard Tour tix
-GvB Fest poster
-GvB fest Shirt
-Spot to review the show on our blog
-Preteen Zenith Poster
-Preteen Zenith Button
-Live Hair Group $100 Gift Certificate
-Good Records $10 Gift Certificate
-Libertine Bar $25 Gift Certificate

OK, first thing. You MUST have a ticket to enter to win this thing. Don’t disappoint me or waste everyone’s time. If you don’t have tickets yet, get them now, or enter to win over on FrontRow, where a couple pair should be going up momentarily.

How to win: In the comments, name your favorite GvB Fest band and why. Be creative. I’ll pick the best one.


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  • cristyintexas

    Honestly? I want to see Preteen Zenith. I grew up listening to Tripping Daisy in high school, Polyphonic Spree in my early twenties, and now comes Preteen Zenith. I’m excited to hear this ( in person. This may not be the world’s most creative answer, Zac, but it’s heartfelt, at least.

  • Pure X – because their music makes me feel like… like I’m on… or like I just took… (sigh). What’s that stuff called again? It’s on the tip of my tongue, I swear.

    Okay, their music makes me happy.

  • Jonathan Feinstein

    Hands down, I’m most excited to see/hear Shabazz Palaces. For those who aren’t old enough to automatically place the voice, (or just don’t have their hip hop roots in order), the lead MC of this group is Butterfly from the ’90s group Digable Planets. Just as that group explored a unique fusion of jazz and hip hop lyricism, Shabazz Palaces does the same with today’s en vogue electronic stylings. But what I like best about the group: it’s hip hop music that actually sounds fresh and confrontational. This music isn’t shy at taking aim at today’s overpopulation of corny rappers, all while doing it to music that can actually appeal to those who don’t recall the glory days of hip hop.

  • Matt Rosser

    My favorite band I’m going to see at G vs B fest this year is without a doubt Pure X. The reasoning is very simple. My mothers final, dying words were a rather incomprehensible mumble of sounds that somewhat resembled the name Pure X. It may have been gay sex. It may have been suplex. I still clearly remember WWE’s Monday Night Raw was on the little shitty television in her hospital bed, so my gut is leaning towards suplex. That’s all bullshit, obviously. After hearing about Pure X from G vs B, it’s quickly become my favorite album to listen to right now and I can’t wait to see them live. A close friend was able to see them klast year in Austin at a house party and said it was an incredible show, so I’m pretty pumped about the opportunity to get to see them. Even if I don’t win, I’ll be the guy wearing the “I Fucked Mick Jagger” t-shirt. See you all there!

  • SpazYaz

    How’s anyone suppose to follow that guy.

  • Kyle Busby

    I am really excited to hear Grimes. I love cheeseburgers. Please give me the loot. Purplemonkeydishwasher.

  • Beck

    As of this very moment, I am hanging upside down from a cliff in the Ural Mountains. Where exactly? I don’t know. My captors certainly haven’t let on.

    It all started when I walked off the set of the Double Dare reboot covered in slime. No sooner had I toweled off my face and slapped Mark Summers with a on the ass when a mysterious man wearing a linen suit walked up to me with a heavy limp. “Where’s the package?!” he demanded in a thick French accent as he mopped his sweaty brow. “What package”? I thought. I racked my brain trying to place his face. Boy’s Town? The poker game with the Mexican bob sledding team? Dammit. No time. Without waiting for a response, I pushed past him to get to my dressing room and act like he had the wrong person. Bad mistake. His cane cracked on the back of my skull and concrete rushed towards me.

    So here I am swinging gently back and forth in the breeze. Naked except my trusty phone in my bound hands. It’s a miracle if this message has no splling errers being that I am typing behind my back. I have no idea what these guys want. But they are all wearing Shabazz t-shirts. It’s a long shot, but maybe…just maybe, if they are as big of fans as I am, a Shabazz patch and poster might be able to placate their needs. It’s my last option really. I just hope you get the message in time.

  • Noreen

    super excited for Julianna Barwick – the multiple layers of music are perfect for my multiple personalities. takes me to the magic place.

  • John

    Preteen Zenith – Tim is fantastic!

    I should win because I also support exclamation points!!!