A Bit of Light Reading Before the Friday Night Lights Finale

Something terrible is going to happen tonight: After five embattled seasons, Friday Night Lights is airing its series finale at 8 pm on NBC. The fact that the show finally garnered an Emmy nod for Outstanding Drama this week only makes it sting a little more, but I hold no grudges.

In honor of FNL‘s final episode, we tracked down Brad Leland, who plays a meddling high school football booster named Buddy Garrity on the show. Leland is originally from Lubbock. He now lives in Allen. And you can read words that he said to me over on FrontRow.


  • CDD

    This is also an AMAZING read if you have the time. An oral history of Friday Night Lights as told by producers, writers, directors, actors and the like. Texas Forever!


  • Mark

    Is it just me or has FNL borderline jumped the shark this year?

  • CDD

    It’s just you.

  • Bethany Anderson

    It’s you.