Southwest Pilot Unhappy With Attendants

A Southwest Airlines pilot is in the doghouse because of comments he made while his mic was live and he didn’t know it. His biggest alleged sin: lamenting that his flight crews consisted of “gays, grannies and grandes” (the last apparently referring to overweight people) instead of “cute chicks.” No telling his reaction if he’d had this guy onboard.


  • yvonne

    OMGoodness Glenn you have gotten me laushing so hard and I needed it as I have been in a rage about it. I heard the whole tape with no buffer and that sexist homophobic pig better not get his job back.. it’s to dangerous for that mental attitude in the cockpit.. not good. Where is Herb when we need him..

  • marisa

    No one can say anything about any body without getting fired or put on leave. So big deal. Does every word out of your mouth need to be PC ? What about freedom of speech ????

  • Hupie

    Marisa– the pilot can say what he wants but when he’s working and representing SWA– he can’t.

  • Obama’s Seat

    Everyone’s worried about tewwowists, when the real danger is pilots who don’t like gay people and ugly broads.

  • Granny

    Marisa, FYI, Freedom of Speech applies ONLY when the government tries to silence someone. Last time I looked, Southwest is not part of the government.

    I hope that SW fires him. I can’t imagine any flight crew having any confidence in him, or wanting to be associated with him.

  • On the Other Hand

    And yet, you gotta appreciate the alliteration and verbal economy of “gays, grannies, and grandes.” I can think of at least one editor of this magazine who, when reading the line, probably thought, “Ya know, that’s pretty good” — and then ordered another IPA from the waitress at the Old Monk.

  • The word he used was faggots….not gays Glenn. There is a difference…..

    Like some blacks don’t like the N word or some mexicans don’t like the S word, Christains don’t like the JF, Tea Partiers don’t like TB, etc.

    So just to be clear, SOME see his biggest sin as using verboage that is hurtful to a couple of segments of society.

    I totally understand and respect that you and others are not offended by it. You don’t have to accept or understand this, just be aware.