Leading Off (6/23/11)

Eight Motherless Children Need Help. An estranged husband killed his wife and sister-in-law, which leaves eight children without their mothers. The father of three of the children was wounded and won’t be able to work for two months. This family is in dire need of help. A trust fund has been created for them.

DPD Releases Press Release on Facebook. Actually, it appears DPD sent a press release, which said, “Check Facebook.” And then on the Facebook page made the announcement that the second motorcyclist who shut down 75 during Memorial Day weekend has been arrested. It’s fitting because the police department has been using Facebook extensively to try to arrest more of the people involved in the incident. So, um, all you who were involved, change your profile pictures. Maybe delete some old statuses. Or don’t. That’s actually better for everyone.

Another In-N-Out Opens. Get ready for the photos, the videos, the criers, the burgers, and most importantly, the traffic jams.


  • Daniel

    Re: In-N-Out

    You know where else is “always fresh, never frozen”? Wendy’s. That’s right: Wendy’s.

    It would be as if the Gap advertised their shirts as “always cotton, never hair.”