Barrett Brown in the Guardian

Barrett Brown, who until recently identified himself as an unofficial spokesman for Anonymous, has an op-ed in the Guardian today wherein he details the findings from an investigation he’s been working on for the past few months. Headline: “A Sinister Cyber-Surveillance Scheme Exposed: Hacked emails from security contractor HBGary reveal a disturbing public-private partnership to spy on web users.” You can learn more about what Brown has found on this wiki.

It all looks to me like a first step. Brown’s on to something, for sure. But as I told him, it seems to me like he’s trying to describe an animal by looking at its shadow. To see the beast, someone will need to shine a light on it. A whistle-blower will need to step forward.


  • Timothy, I meant to tell you I enjoyed that piece in the April 2011 issue on Brown. It was a very intriguing article. I definitely don’t subscribe to the hacking model and the electronic take-down of those sites, but on a few things, I believe Barrett and I share a few points of agreement — just based off that article you wrote.

    I’d give anything if these efforts among our young revolutionaries in the Revolution media could make a fortune. Oh well.

  • Daniel

    Barrett Brown is doing great work and I applaud him and the rest of Project PM. Brown was probably right to choose this time to distance himself from Anonymous. Excessive internal childish behavior is at this point distracting the media and, more importantly, the collective from it’s mission.

  • amanda

    The April story on Brown was excellent! He’s a very intriguing character…Daniel is spot on.