Sitting Will Kill You

Tim standing at his computer.
Tim standing at his computer.

We all know that sitting will kill you. Some of us took the news a little more to heart than others. Here’s Tim with his new super desk that raises and lowers as he stands and sits. He’s not going to start out standing all day. He’s done research. He has to ease into it. Though it makes me a little nervous to sit next to someone who’s standing all day, it’s way worse for Laura, who sits across from him. Her reaction to seeing this? “OH, NO!” And his response? “I look at you less.”


  • Matt H

    Any chance Tim could post where he got that contraption? I’ve thought about getting a stand-up desk for years, but that looks like a good middle ground.

  • Greg

    Please post where you got the “super desk”.

  • I got it here. I’ve read a couple journals written by folks who’ve made the switch to a standing desk. They say it takes time to adjust. You can’t just immediately ditch your chair and begin standing all day long. That’s why this desk is cool. Not only does it work with a standard cubicle, but it goes up and down so you can sit, too. I’ll let you guys know in a couple weeks how it works out.

  • ProjectGirl

    I have a similar set up at home, and I’ve wanted one at work for literally YEARS. It’s soooo much more comfortable.

  • Jef

    I love this.

  • Hein

    Was this photo taken on the day of the Jimmy Buffet concert?

  • Is it true that you can burn calories just by standing?

  • Hein

    I wondered why D Magazine costs so much per issue, but then I saw that its employees use $500 desktop attachments and wear $110 Tommy Bahama shirts.

  • PMac

    @Hein – hahaha…

  • I also have thought about a standing desk for some time, ever since I saw Al Roker using one. Eager to learn how you like it, Tim.

  • Jade

    Tim looks like a cross b/w a divorced, 40-something Plano guy and this politico.

  • i’ve been doing it for a few weeks now, and still enjoy it.

    i’d recommend a good gel mat or similar, and decent shoes help.

  • @Hein: Of The Earth is the brand. The shirt is made of silk and hemp. It wasn’t cheap. Birthday present years ago from my mother. I think it cost about $60. Thanks again for your contribution, friend.

  • Hein

    @Tim Rogers: Again, you’re quite welcome. Should we make this a regular thing? I comment on your blog musings, and you get defensive?

    • Isn’t that already the situation?