• Hein

    What’s inappropriate about it?

  • Sam Merten

    Yeah, what’s inappropriate about it? And please list the seven things that are extremely funny because I couldn’t find one.

  • TLS

    @Hein: I’m guessing the suggestion that a Sizzler would be anywhere near Preston Hollow is the inappropriate part.

  • I love it when it tells the guy to just go around him.

  • Obama’s Seat

    This will enrage the gopher street.

  • @Hein: Guys, if you don’t have any ambivalence toward Bin Laden jokes, then I don’t know what to tell you. “Have you had the new Bin Laden drink? Two shots followed by a splash of water!” Sure, that’s kinda funny. But we’re still talking about our country assassinating someone. Hitler jokes can be funny, too. Oh, right. But then there are the 6 million dead Jews.

    @Sam Merten: I can’t help you there, brother. You’re funny bone is clearly broken.

  • Gotta love the taco bar. But why do they always have that miniature shovel for the sour cream? I just need a small dollop.

    (Oh, was this video supposed to be funny?)

  • Mitch

    Will they be releasing the pictures of the gopher?

  • cbs

    wait, Sizzler has a taco bar? double wait, Dallas has a Sizzler? Oh happy day.

  • RAB

    I count nine things in the video that I thought were extremely funny (but admittedly my funny bone is pretty bendy).

    Were some things inappropriate? Sure — but not the implied joke about Osama’s assassination.

    However, there was nothing in the video that was “very” inappropriate.

  • Bush, learning there is, in fact, a taco bar: “How did I miss it? Show me where it is. I don’t know how I would have missed it. I combed this place over.”

    Now, that’s funny.

  • The only thing I found offensive was the mention that there is a ‘Sizzler’ anywhere near Preston Hollow.

  • jh

    Enjoyed the reference to “my Dallas Morning Union-Tribune-Ledger-Guardian newspaper”…

  • Wm. B. Travis

    I’m just glad to have a laugh. And lighten up folks, there used to be a Bonanza about a mile from KBH’s home.

  • bc

    So, I went to the Sizzler website, and while they don’t have any in TX, they do have a handy Sizzler trip planning tool that allows you to map out a route to as many as 3 Sizzlers in 3 different states. That’s the funniest thing to come out of this…